The most intense visual battle: long-haired Song Hye Kyo vs short-haired Song Hye Kyo

With her outstanding visuals, Song Hye Kyo was willing to try a huge range of hairstyles, but is it short hair or long hair that make her a true goddess?

It is no exaggeration to say that Song Hye Kyo has a visual that’s at a legendary level. Now in her 40s, the actress is still as young as before, and has only become more gorgeous. She can basically handle every style of makeup and hair, and has actually gone through quite the variety of hairstyles. Short or long, traditional or bold – Song Hye Kyo has tried it all, but which one was the best for her?

Long hair

Song Hye Kyo‘s elegant features allow her to easily rock long hairstyles. However, she can also exude different vibes depending on which style we are talking about. In wavy dark hair, the actress looks like a true classy and luxurious lady, perfect for office attire or formal gown. 

However, Song Hye Kyo can look quite bold and sexy with layered straight long hair dyed in a smoky brown. Combined with her strong eyeliner and lipstick game, the actress looks much sharper and more girlboss. So, with just some changes to her long hair, Song Hye Kyo can boast a flexible beauty that creates a long-lasting impression. 

Short hair

Throughout her career, we can easily catch Song Hye Kyo trying out short hair from time to time. However, she never gets boring, and would go from daring pixie cuts and chic layered cuts, to wavy and feminine short hair in a heartbeat. 

Recently, Song Hye Kyo has been looking outstanding in a simple and silky bob cut. 

This hairstyle is extremely suitable to the 40-year-old actress, as it highlights her youthfulness, while still allowing her to look graceful and classy.  Even without bright colors, Song Hye Kyo manages to stand out amid the crowd, and the audience just can’t seem to take their eyes off her. 


Long hair or short hair, Song Hye Kyo’s beauty is still without rival. However, it seems that she just explodes with visuals while in short hair, while also looking unique and flexible with her looks. After a long period of experiencing different hair and fashions styles, Song Hye Kyo is now undoubtedly a visual and fashion symbol in Korea. 

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