Psy Apologizes to Fans for Slimmed-Down Figure and Self-Care Failure

Psy said sorry to fans who may be disappointed by his slimmed-down figure.

On April 24th, Psy uploaded a video of himself participating in the viral “See Tình” dance challenge.

hwasa psy

While showcasing his flexible dance moves for the challenge, Psy boasted his slim figure that caught people’s attention.

In particular, Psy’s slim figure garnered a lot of attention, with netizens jokingly criticizing his lack of self-care for losing weight.

Netizens commented, “Are you putting body management on hold? Are you trying to divert attention with fancy clothes?” “As a celebrity, you should prioritize self-care. How come your belly is still sticking out?” “Where did you put your belly?“.

Psy is a unique singer who worries his fans for not managing his body shape when he loses weight. Previously, Psy revealed his determination to gain weight in response to netizens’ “criticism” of his weight gain. 

This time, Psy made netizens who criticized his body shape laugh by repeatedly commenting “I’m sorry” in response to their comments.

hwasa psy

Previously, Psy mentioned the topic of his body management during his appearance on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” in April last year.

When Psy appeared on the show, having lost some weight, Kang Ho Dong commented, “You totally failed at taking care of yourself. You lost weight. You should always manage your figure,” to which Psy responded, “It’s a little sad, but I used to maintain my figure even when dancing, but now I lose weight when I dance,” confessing and drawing attention.

Meanwhile, Psy will be exclusively releasing his concert live performance, “Psy Summer Swag 2022,” on Disney+ on May 3rd.

Source: Daum

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