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Production team of “EXchange 2” suddenly deleted the 14th episode, are they protecting the cast? 

The 14th episode of dating program “EXchange 2” was released and then suddenly deleted, raising curiosity. 

Episode 14 of TVING’s famous love reality show “EXchange 2”, which was released at 4PM (KST) on September 16th, was suddenly deleted. 

Afterwards, TVING announced through their official SNS, “Due to internal production circumstances, episode 14 of ‘EXchange 2’ will be re-uploaded at 7 am on Saturday, September 17th. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

In response, viewers speculated the episode was deleted and re-edited to protect some cast members from being criticized by viewers.

This is because when episode 14 was first released, the action of participants Na Yeon and Lee Ji Yeon received the ire of some viewers. 

In particular, in the episode, the cast members spent the evening together and drank alcohol.

During the drinking party, Kim Tae Yi went to the kitchen to make snacks for himself, while Kim Ji Soo helped Kim Tae Yi prepare snacks. At this time, Na Yeon, who came into the kitchen, approached Kim Tae Yi, who was busy with his snacks.

Then, Na Yeon said to Kim Tae Yi, who is younger than her, “I will call you oppa,” and suddenly hugged him, surprising everyone.

The panelists who watched this through the VCR could not keep their mouths shut at Na Yeon’s behavior as she hugged Kim Tae Yi even though they did not have a good relationship, saying, “The two are not even close with each other.”

Kim Ji Soo, who was at the scene, also felt uncomfortable with Na Yeon’s actions. 

Afterwards, she scolded Na Yeon, saying, “It would be better not to act favorable to men who are not interested in you.”

However, Na Yeon explained, “It was because I was drunk”. In an interview with the production team later, she showed a pitiful look, saying, “Don’t you all act like that?”

Unfortunately, Na Yeon’s behavior did not resonate with viewers. Viewers responded negatively to her, saying, “It seems that Na Yeon keeps flirting with different men.”

In addition, it was not just Na Yeon who drew criticism from netizens. 

On this day, Lee Ji Yeon felt excessively jealous when her ex-boyfriend, Kim Tae Yi, got along well with another girl. Kim Tae Yi pointed to Park Na Eon as his partner to go to Jeju Island together. Lee Ji Yeon was upset that knew that Kim Tae Yi did not pick her, although she did not know who he chose.

When she returned to the dorm, Lee Ji Yeon told Kim Ji Soo while sobbing, “I think Tae Yi chose Na Yeon. Didn’t Na Yeon previously say that she felt uncomfortable around Tae Yi? I don’t want Tae Yi to get hurt.”

In the end, Lee Ji Yeon visited Kim Tae Yi and found out that he did not choose Lee Na Yeon. Nevertheless, Lee Ji Yeon did not stop crying because she was upset that Kim Tae Yi did not choose her.

Watching this, viewers frowned, saying, “Ji Yeon sympathizes with Tae Yi, but she’s jealous because he’s doing well with Park Na Eon,” “I think it was too obvious that X was Tae Yi. Isn’t this a violation of the rules?”

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