Producer Shinsadong Tiger, “I received a handwritten letter from the mother of a girl group member”

Shinsadong Tiger revealed the handwritten letter he recently received. The identity of the sender draws attention.

Shinsadong Tiger posted a photo on his Twitter account on August 10th along with a long caption.

He said, “At the showcase yesterday, I met Mire’s mother who came to see the first showcase of her youngest daughter after releasing the 4th album”. 


The producer continued, “I actually cried when I saw the letter from her mother who is unable to communicate well. You must have been very upset since you sent your 13-year-old daughter alone to Korea but can only meet her again for the first time after her third album because of the Covid-19 pandemic. I was very thankful to know that you believe the staff are taking good care of your daughter.”

shinsadong tiger

He added, “This is a letter I received personally but I’m writing this hoping Mire and her mother will cheer up”.

He then promised, “Dear Mire’s mother! I’ll make sure Mire has good memories at this age even if she cannot win 1st place… I will try my best”.

The released photo contained the handwritten letter Shinsadong Tiger received from Mire’s mother. With her clumsy Korean, she wrote, “Nice to see you, Shinsadong Tiger who is always with my daughter. I’m MIRE’s mother. Thank you for inviting me. It was very nice to meet you. I’m very looking forward to the showcase. Please continue to take good care of Mire in the future.”


The letter was written in both Korean and Japanese. We can clearly feel the great love of Mire’s mother for her daughter. 

Meanwhile, (Songsun, Kelly, Jinha, Hyunbin, Jia, Soeun, and Mire) produced by Shinsadong Tiger is a 7-member multinational girl group. They debuted in the music industry in February last year. released their 3rd single “LEVIOSA” on August 9th and held the first offline showcase since their debut on the same day. The girl group performed their debut song “Doom Doom Ta” and the new title song “KISS”.

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