Christmas in August and horror games? SEVENTEEN exploded with screams in “Going Seventeen”

Kpop boy group SEVENTEEN provided immense fun, trembling as they played horror games 

On August 10th, Ep. 57 of viral variety show “Going Seventeen”, titled “Christmas in August Ⅱ #2”, was released on the official channel of famous Kpop boy group SEVENTEEN. This episode, which follows “Christmas in August Ⅱ #1”, shows SEVENTEEN being divided into 4 teams as they tried to conquer different horror games. 

going seventeen

In addition, while they tackled challenges in the games, each team was asked a multiple choice question, the first being if they like “Bachelor ghosts” or not. Surprisingly, Room 2, which consists of Hoshi, Woozi, and Seungkwan, as well Room 3, with Joshua, Wonwoo, The8, and Mingyu, answer “Yes”, and was given kimchi and cup noodles (a word play that sounds like “bachelor ghost” in Korean.) 

going seventeen

Next, SEVENTEEN was asked to select between “Soft” and “Thrilling”, and a fluffy teddy bear was given to teams that picked “Soft”. Meanwhile, Hoshi, Woozi, and Seungkwan of Room 2, selected “Thrilling”, and a ghost suddenly appeared in their room. Seungkwan then attempted to get acquainted with the ghost, even started to ask ice-breaker questions, causing viewers to laugh.

going seventeen

Finally, the 4 teams had to pick between “Red Tissue” and “Blue Tissue”, and unanimously went for red, getting 3 hints for their respective games. Joshua, Wonwoo, The8, and Mingyu, who were in Room 3, finished their mission the fattest and got to leave work early, while chaotic screams erupted from everywhere else. Here, Wonwoo and The8 also drew attention for skipping and giggling cutely as they left the scene. 

going seventeen

Meanwhile, S.Coups, Jeonghan, and DK in Room 4, managed to complete their task without losing their concentration until the end, and became the 2nd team to leave. Hoshi, Woozi, and Seungkwan in Room 2, continued to play their game even with leaving members constantly bothering them, and finally managed to overcome their fears and leave in 3rd place. 

Finally, Jun, Vernon, and Dino in Room 1, worked on their game until the end, but fail to complete their challenge even after 3 hours, and only got to leave as time ran out. 

going seventeen

SEVENTEEN’s variety show “Going Seventeen” previously went viral for the charming personalities of all the members and their fun, carefree images.

The show is released every Wednesday at 9:00 PM (KST) through SEVENTEEN’s official YouTube channel. 

Source: daum

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