Prior to Lee Kyung Sil, Park Na Rae and Mi Joo were also criticized for their sexual harassment remarks

While Lee Kyung Sil is under fire due to her comment about Lee Je Hoon’s body, netizens recalled times when comedians caused sexual harassment controversies.

Lee Je Hoon recently guested on SBS PowerFM’s “Cultwo Show” and talked about his new drama “Taxi Driver 2”. Reacting to Lee Je Hoon’s muscular body in a still cut for the drama, comedian Lee Kyung Sil jokingly said, “Do you see the deep line between his chest bones? If you drop water on Lee Je Hoon’s muscles and drink it, it would become mineral water. It’s the new Lee Je Hoon water purifier.”

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After the broadcast, some people criticized Lee Kyung Sil, pointing out that her remark is like sexual harassment, while others think it was nothing serious. However, knowing that the controversy has continued for three days, the production team deleted the Youtube video of the radio content and did not provide a replay broadcast. 

In fact, it was not the first time such controversies over female entertainers’ sexual harassment remarks arose. 

Weathercaster-turned-broadcaster Kim Min Ah was previously accused of sexual harassment when conducting a video interview with a male middle student on the Youtube channel ‘Korean Government in May 2020. When making a video call with the student, who was taking online classes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she asked him, “When you have lots of energy, how do you reduce it?”, “Why are you laughing? Maybe you and I are thinking the same thing?”, “What do you do when you’re alone?”, etc. As the controversy over Kim Min Ah’s remarks intensified, the Youtube channel eventually changed the video to private and Kim Min Ah also apologized.

Former Lovelyz member Mi Joo was once criticized for her high-level comments. Mi Joo interviewed a male college student A on her web entertainment program in June 2020. When A revealed that he had a girlfriend, Mi Joo had, “Which stage did your relationship get to? I’m sure you’ve reached the end stage. How long have you been dating?”. When A said, “It’s been 200 days”, Mi Joo commented, “You must have done it”. As A immediately refuted, “We only kissed”, Mi Joo said, “So funny. Are you a man?”, then moved her eyes to look at A’s legs. When netizens pointed out her controversial questions, Mi Joo issued an apology.

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In addition, the sexual harassment controversy surrounding comedian Park Na Rae in the past even led to a police investigation. In a video released in March 2021, Park Na Rae introduced a male doll wearing only underwear. She said, “Kids these days are so impudent”, “I thought there was even that thing”, etc. She even wrote an absurd introduction in the video’s thumbnail, drawing negative responses from netizens.

Park Na Rae apologizes and confirmed to leave the series ‘Hey Narae’ after the scandal

Realizing the seriousness of the controversy, Park Na Rae apologized and canceled the content. Despite the apology of Park Na Rae and the production team, the Gangbuk Police Station even launched an investigation as they received too many complaints. The case was eventually dismissed.

Controversies over sexual harassment of entertainers usually begin with the intention of making viewers laugh. However, they should be careful of sensitive topics in order not to cause inconvenience. 

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