Price of the bag that BTS’s Jungkook threw on the ground to give fans a heart

Attention was drawn to the outfit Jungkook wore when he left Korea to attend the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Qatar.

BTS’s Jungkook left for Qatar today (November 15th) to attend the opening ceremony of the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

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On the morning of November 15th (Korean time), Jungkook arrived at the Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center.

Jungkook appeared in a casual outfit, matching black jogger pants with a charcoal anorak jacket. Jungkook greeted the fans and reporters by doing a heart pose with his hands, before heading to the departure hall.

Jungkook even put down the bag he was holding on the ground, showing how sweet and friendly he was.

bts jungkook bag

Fans were later surprised to learn the brand and price of this bag.

The bag that Jungkook put down on the ground was a Nuxx Logo-Embroidered Corduroy Duffle Bag by Saint Laurent.

Currently, only the NUXX duffel made of nylon is being sold on the website. The duffel bag Jungkook carried was known to cost a whopping 2.6 million won.

bts jungkook

Meanwhile, Jungkook will attend the opening ceremony of the 2022 Qatar World Cup held at Alcor Albeit Stadium in Qatar on November 20th (local time).

Six or seven teams of world-renowned artists, including Jungkook, will perform at the opening ceremony of this World Cup. He will participate in the Qatar World Cup opening ceremony performance as well as the OST to add to the heat of the festival. Information about the OST featuring Jungkook has not yet been released.

Source: Insight

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