Predebut videos of YG’s new girl group: from traditional instrument to BLACKPINK cover 

The upcoming girl group of YG Entertainment has never ceased to become a hot topic on the internet. 

On the first day of 2023, YG Entertainment provided people with the first glimpse of their 3rd girl group, which is named BABY MONSTER and boasts a 7-member lineup. As the junior to 2NE1 and BLACKPINK, the group’s every movement draws attention.

baby monster
BABY MONSTER is a highly-anticipated rookie of 2023

Since there has been no new content of the group so far, the public have brought up impressive moments of BABY MONSTER’s alleged members in the past. All of these hinted that the group will be extremely talented. 

After Lisa became the first Thai idol under YG, BABY MONSTER is expected to welcome several Thai members. Among them is Canny Dechawat, who shows excellent dancing and performance skills, and may become BABY MONSTER’s main dancer.  

Canny Babymonster
Canny’s impressive and confident movement while dancing to BLACKPINK’s “Forever Young” 

Yet another noticeable member is Dain, who was reportedly born in 2008, and used to be a child model. She is also said to be close friends with NewJeans’ youngest member Hyein, as both used to be active in the child group U.SSO GIRL. Regarding Dain, a video of her performance Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor” is drawing attention due to her stage presence and expression. 

Lee Dain Babymonster
Dain exuded strong stage presence in her performance of “Red Flavor”

Alongside her performance skills, Dain also knows how to play the traditional Korean instrument gayageum. Despite her tiny frame, the girl sang clearly as she held a giant instrument, showing a strong potential for the future. 

Lee Dain Babymonster
Dain played the gayageum (a traditional Korean musical instrument)

When the Kpop wave is spreading to the world, especially the European and American market, communication skills in foreign languages are also enhanced. Netizens have found  fluent English-speaking videos of two other members who are said to be in the debut lineup, Ahyeon and Haram. In particular, Ahyeon can also speak Chinese.

Ahyeon Babymonster
Ahyeon can speak Chinese and English fluently
Haram Babymonster
Haram speaks English quite well since childhood

The members who are expected to debut in the Baby Monster lineup receive high expectations from the public, especially when they have strong support from YG as well as the global girl group BLACKPINK.

Source: k14

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