Predebut video of Newjeans Minji and Hyein gains attention, full of cuteness and enthusiasm

A recently-published video showed the younger Minji and Hyein of NewJeans, who boasts intense cuteness.

Min Hee Jin, CEO of NewJeans’ agency ADOR, recently drew attention by uploading a pre-debut video of New Jeans’ Minji and Hyein on her personal account.


In the video, Minji and Hyein look much younger than they do now. The two were using letter magnets to make the word “NewJeans” on a refrigerator, at the same time making bright expressions. It seems that even before debut, the two NewJeans members were full of motivation and enthusiasm. 

Then, when asked to stand up, Minji and Hyein turned their backs against the refrigeration and made poses that show the back of their jeans. The jeans are decorated with “NewJeans” lettering in different shapes, adding to their cuteness.

Source: Daum

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