BLACKPINK Jennie, Lee Jung-jae, Son Heung-min… Popular stars these days are “OO’s ambassadors”

Jennie (Chanel), BTS (Louis Vuitton), Lee Jung-jae (Gucci), Rosé (Tiffany & Co.), Lisa (Céline), Son Heung-min (Burberry)…

Korean stars in various fields, including singers, actors and sports players, are active as “global ambassadors” representing luxury brands. Luxury brands are also actively sending love calls to Korean stars in order to build brand images through celebrities that have enormous influence around the world and to actively communicate with consumers using their star power.


The dictionary definition of a brand ambassador is “a person hired and appointed by a company or institution to promote a brand“. A brand ambassador can raise awareness and increase product sales. The range of brand ambassadors, which started with K-pop stars, has recently expanded to models and actors. Ambassadors of high-end brands go beyond the role of a general model who simply promotes a specific product to increase sales. This is because it gives a contemporary meaning to luxury brands that value long history and house identity. Korean stars are not overwhelmed by global brands’ recognition and influence, but are melting their personalities and adding new sensibilities to brands.

Rose Blackpink

An official from the fashion industry said, “For global ambassadors, people who can fully reflect and symbolize the philosophy and values pursued by the brand are selected. Brands are known to consider various aspects such as work activities, career and personal life.” Another official shared, “Love calls for Korean stars will continue in terms of bringing diversity to high-end brands along with proven content power based on global fandom.”

Jennie at Chanel shows

Regarding the reason for selecting BLACKPINK Jennie as a global ambassador, Chanel explained, “Jennie is the protagonist of K-pop, which is loved across the border. This is why music-loving Chanel artistic director Virginie Viard is working with Jennie on a global campaign, and Jennie’s acting as a global ambassador means that Korea’s status is rising within the global fashion industry.” Italian luxury brand Gucci, which previously selected EXO Kai as a male global ambassador for the eyewear category in 2019, selected actor Lee Jung-jae and actress Shin Min-ah as new global brand ambassadors in November last year.

Kai gucci

Gucci revealed the reason for their appointment of Shin Min-ah as a global ambassador, “Shin Min-ah’s sophisticated, unequalled style and her belief in the pursuit of diversity and respect for self-expression is similar to Gucci’s philosophy.” They also talked about Lee Jung-jae, “Lee Jung-jae’s charismatic, iconic style and his strong self-identity is similar to Gucci’s philosophy that values acceptance of diversity and self-expression.”

shin min ah

Singer IU also recently joined Gucci as a global ambassador, becoming a hot topic. Gucci revealed through SNS that IU wore a Gucci costume while attending the 75th Cannes Film Festival.


Prior to Gucci, Louis Vuitton also selected actress Jung Ho-yeon, who left a deep impression as North Korean defector Kang Sae-byeok in “Squid Game”, as their new global house ambassador in October last year. As Louis Vuitton’s global ambassador, Jung Ho-yeon conducted her first solo campaign with Louis Vuitton’s iconic bag Twist in March this year. Jung Ho-yeon also decorated the opening of the 2022 Fall/Winter Women’s Collection Fashion Show held in Paris in the same month.

jung ho yeon instagram

Louis Vuitton additionally selected actor Kang Dong-won as new house ambassador in May. Kang Dong-won attended the 75th Cannes Film Festival wearing a Louis Vuitton tuxedo. BTS has also been active as a global ambassador for Louis Vuitton since last year. Tiffany & Co. selected BLACKPINK Rosé as the brand’s new global ambassador last year. Tiffany & Co. said, “Rosé’s bold personality, modern style and influence are in line with the identity of the collection.” Aside from Rosé, all BLACKPINK members including Jennie, Jisoo (Christian Dior) and Lisa are active as global ambassadors for major luxury brands.


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