Police internal investigation: “YG Yang Hyun Suk called a woman from an entertainment establishment”

The police launched an internal investigation into allegations that prostitution was involved at a drinking party attended by Yang Hyun Suk, head of YG Entertainment,

The KBS1 news program “KBS News 9,” which aired on May 29’s night, dealt with YG’s Yang Hyun Suk’s alleged involvement in prostitution. KBS has confirmed the statement by a YG-related figure that there were actually entertainment women at the party.

Allegations of sexual services of CEO Yang Hyun Suk emerged through MBC’s cultural program “Spotlight,” which aired on May 27. CEO Yang Hyun Suk reportedly met with a group of rich men from Thailand and Malaysia at a luxury restaurant in Gangnam in July 2014 along with singer Psy, an artist of YG at the time.

The “Spotlight” reported that about 10 women from entertainment establishments in Gangnam were present at the meeting, leading to sexual services for foreign financiers.

In a related development, a KBS News 9 reported that one of the company’s business officials recently said “It was true that CEO Yang had invited women from entertainment establishments at the time”, and “He called women from several entertainment establishments, not only one.

However, the official denied the sexual favors allegation, saying, “If there was a sexual relationship, we know it was a natural thing to do.”

Earlier, CEO Yang Hyun Suk said “I didn’t arrange the meeting and didn’t meet those foreign financiers again after that”, and added, “There were some women attended, but I don’t know why they were there.

Psy, who was there with Yang Hyun Suk, said on his SNS account that he only introduced Jho Low to Yang Hyun Suk. He denied the sexual services allegation and said: “I left first with Yang Hyun Suk after we had meals and some drinks.

After allegations were raised that the head of a major entertainment company has involved in prostitution, the police also started an internal investigation to find out the facts.

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