Plot twist after plot twist, Lee Jong Suk and Yoona showed immense power in “Big Mouth”

The new K-drama “Big Mouth” is expected to surpass the “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” syndrome with its rising popularity. 

Hallyu stars Lee Jong Suk and Yoona (SNSD) is expected to surpass the syndrome-level popularity of the ENA Wednesday – Thursday drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. In particular, they are demonstrating their potential in the MBC drama “Big Mouth”, which has been seeing rapid increases in viewership ratings, and exceeded the 10% mark on August 13th, after 6 episodes.

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The drama tells the story of Lee Jong Suk’s character – a lawyer who has been accused of being the criminal “Big Mouse”, and his nurse wife, played by Im Yoona, who struggles to find evidence and refute such false accusations. 

Lee Jong Suk, who is imprisoned after being caught up in a conspiracy by the rich and powerful, now pretends to be “Big Mouse” and quickly climbs the ladder to become the head of prisoners. Meanwhile, Im Yoona uses her professional skills as a nurse to dig into the core of the murder case involving Lee Jong Suk, doubling the fun of this mystery drama. “Big Mouth” is so far showing one plot twist after another, with characters overcoming various crises ahead of their final battle with the real “Big Mouse”.

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Thanks to such intense writing and gripping plot, the ratings of “Big Mouth” has risen from 6.2% in episode 1 to 10.8% in episode 6, making it come second in viewership among mini-series currently airing. In particular, the first place belongs to the sensational drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, but with its pace, “Big Mouth” is expected to take over. 

The topical level of “Big Mouth” is also rising sharply, ranking 2nd in TV Topic, Drama category, as compiled by Good Data Corporation. Meanwhile, in the drama category of CJ ENM’s Content Influence Index (CPI), the series lands at 3rd. 

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YouTube videos related to “Big Mouth”, Lee Jong Suk, and Yoona, have also been doing well. In particular, several summary videos released by content introduction channels have gained the attention of new viewers, and some have surpassed 1.7 million views. A video showing a love scene between Lee Jong Suk and Yoona, which was released through the official channel of MBC, also reached 200,000 views on YouTuber. 

As the couple are also huge Hallyu stars, attention from foreign nations have also been pouring in. “Big Mouth” is released via the OTT platform Disney+, and as of August 15th, has ranked first in 5 countries, including Korea, Indonesia, and Singapore. 

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In addition, on the “Newest Popular Drama” chart of China’s largest review site Douban, “Big Mouth” managed to defeat “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and assumed 9th place. 

On the American review site IMDb, “Big Mouth” received a relatively high rating of 8.1 out of 10, collecting comments from Korean drama fans saying, “Lee Jong Suk did not disappoint.”

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