“Please recommend to me a place for ‘this’,” BTS Jungkook posted his first “Ask Me Anything” on Instagram 

BTS member Jungkook made headlines for posting his first "Ask Me Anything" on Instagram.  

Jungkook drew attention by posting a so-called “Q&A” section on his Instagram story on the morning of Feb 27th. On this day, Jungkook asked for some good restaurant recommendations instead of the general format of exchanging questions and answers with his followers. “Please recommend to me a good restaurant for dakgalbi (spicy chicken stew),” he wrote. 

BTS Jungkook Ask Me Anything

After that post, he wrote another one saying, “I can’t decide thou,” as if he was agonizing over the pouring replies, and after about 40 minutes, he wrote, “I’ve decided where to go, gotta go now,” boasting his friendly way of leading the audience.

BTS Jungkook Ask Me Anything

Netizens who saw this responded, “Our baby eats so well, bon appetite,” “Jungkook is serious about eating,” “I’m so curious about where he went,” and “It’s so cute that he thought about it for an hour”. Meanwhile, “Stay Alive”, the OST which Jungkook sings for webtoon “7FATES: CHAKHO”, recently set a milestone as the first Korean webtoon OST to enter the Billboard’s main single chart Hot 100 at #95.

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