“Please don’t buy albums”… Red Velvet Wendy, why did she ask fans like this?

Red Velvet Wendy’s message to fans is becoming a hot topic.

Recently, while Wendy was communicating with fans through a paid communication app, she read a fan’s chat saying, “I’ll make money to go to your concerts and buy your albums.”


Wendy replied, “I don’t know about concerts, but please don’t buy many album copies. One is enough. It’s enough to listen to our music and support us.”

She continued, “With that money, take care of your health and eat delicious food with your family. Or if you live alone, I hope you can buy delicious food for yourself, who works hard all day long. Please earn money to eat delicious food, buy long padding or padding for cold days and go to the hospital when you’re sick. That’s my wish.”


Wendy emphasized, “Everyone seems to care too much about album sales these days, but I don’t know what’s important about that. There are people who cheer for me and people who listen to my music. Buy delicious food and warm clothes with that money. I’m begging you.”

She added, “Since you buy albums like this, it seems that various album versions are released. Please don’t buy. Who knows, albums may come out with only one version in the future. If the version is reduced to one, I’ll give my opinion to attach only one photocard. I don’t know if you’ll accept my opinion, I just speak it out.”


Netizens showed various reactions such as “Wendy’s mind is so good”, “It seems that she really cares about fans”, “She has a great personality”, “Fans must be very happy”

Wendy (real name Son Seung-wan), who was born in 1994 and is 29 years old this year, debuted with Red Velvet in 2014. She has been hosting SBS Power FM’s “Young Street” since July last year.

Source: nate

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