Photographer mistook Lisa for Jennie? Angered at fans’ harsh comments

After fans flood a photographer’s Instagram for allegedly mistaking between BLACKPINK Lisa and Jennie, he has spoken up. 

Recently, fashion magazine Vogue published a photo of BLACKPINK Lisa side by side with BTS V in a Celine event. However, the magazine mistakenly captioned the photo as “BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V”, and quickly fixed the error.


However, many fans expressed frustration at such unprofessionalism, and visited the Instagram of German Larkin – the photographer of the photo, to criticize him.

In response, German Larkin commented that he only took the photo and was not at all involved in the caption. 


“This is to all Lisa and Taehyung (real name of V) fans! I DON’T work in VOGUE and I DON’T write captions to photos. This is NOT my job to submit texts or details about my images”, he angrily stated, adding, “You can clearly see I’m not the writer of this article. STOP harassing me! And, you’d all better remove your negative comments and APOLOGIZE to me. Otherwise, I will never share her images ever again.”

However, many fans express suspicions, seeing that German Larkin posted the same photo of Lisa and V on his Instagram with the caption, “You guys are too cute together! (Ring emoji) soon?” 

The photographer has since erased the aforementioned caption. 

Source: VKR

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