Perks of being YG trainees: Free attendance at seniors’ concert and abundant opportunities for artistic endeavors early in their careers 

According to YG staff, YG trainees are paid for almost everything in order to for them to develop to the fullest. 

In Seunghoon’s (WINNER) newest vlog, the idol sat down for an interview with Suk Eun Jae, leader of the audition and casting team at YG Entertainment. In the exchange, Eun Jae revealed that the life and benefits the trainees enjoyed at YG did not cost a penny. 


According to Suk Eun Jae, YG trainees are encouraged to go out and play in their free time. Fees such as movie-going, drinking and weekend entertainment are paid by the company. 

TREASURE members were caught in the streets before their debut. (Image: Twitter @jikyuist)

In Chiquita’s introduction video, she was allowed to hang outside of the company’s premises and even got the chance to meet her idol, Lisa (BLACKPINK). 

chiquita lisa
BABYMONSTER’s members were excited when they got to see Lisa. (Image: YouTube) 

Before debut, YG trainees could come to the concerts of their seniors for free and did not have to pay out of their own pockets. The trainees are reserved seats at a special area. 

YG trainees
YG trainees attended the TREASURE concert in April 2022. (Image: Twitter @218×124)
YG trainees
They were assigned special seats. (Image: Twitter @218×124)

Because the training period requires constant presence at the training room to hone specialized skills, YG also assigns free tutorship so that the trainees’ study at schools are not disrupted. The company believes this will allow for a more well-rounded development in the trainees. 

Jeongwoo graduated with excellence from School of Performing Arts Seoul. (Image: OSEN) 

Moreover, the trainees also got the chance to gain experience in different art fields early on. Before debut, BLACKPINK had participated in advertising projects and others by YG. 

Jisoo predebut

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