Lisa shows teacherly appearance to BABYMONSTER Thai members 

The appearance of Lisa in a video of YG’s upcoming girl group BABYMONSTER received enthusiastic responses from fans. 

After revealing all 7 members of BABYMONSTER – YG’s next girl group after BLACKPINK, further introduction videos of each member were also published. Recently, a video about Chiquita, the youngest BABYMONSTER member, who came from Thailand and specializes in dance, was published, drawing attention. 


In the video, Chiquita expressed admiration for BLACKPINK Lisa, and a scene where she, along with fellow Thai member Pharita, met with Lisa, was also included. Here, Lisa gave advice for the two juniors as a senior from Thailand, drawing attention. 

Chiquita showed her excitement when BLACKPINK Lisa appeared 
Chiquita and Pharita gifted Lisa a bouquet of yellow flowers 

The BABYMONSTER members also showed Lisa their dancing videos, which Lisa keenly analyzed like a true teacher. In fact, some netizens even said that they were reminded of the strict “mentor Lisa” on “Youth With You”.


At the same time, Lisa was surprised to see Chiquita and Pharita’s excellent dance performance on high heels. She also praised Chiquita for being able to pull off every stage despite her short training period. Meanwhile, Lisa advised Pharita to face the camera head-on and overcame her shyness. 

The heartfelt remarks and gentle appearance of Lisa, who wants the best for her juniors drew a lot of positive reactions from fans.

Lisa also gave the 2 BABYMONSTER members autographed albums.

Source: k14

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