Park Si-eun & Jin Tae-hyun, who opened a donation cafe event instead of a baby shower, are recovering from their miscarriage pain 

Jin Tae-hyun and Park Si-eun, who have been taking the lead in doing good deeds while enjoying their happy married life, are carefully overcoming the pain of their miscarriage.

On August 26th, Park Si-eun left a message on her SNS account, saying “I’m going to take a step forward to recover myself and calm my mind because I have to start over. The past 10 days were like a dream to me. It (the miscarriage) happened so suddenly that I didn’t even have time to prepare myself for it.”

Earlier on August 19th, her husband Jin Tae-hyun said on his SNS, “On a regular checkup day in the last month of her pregnancy, the heart of our baby Tae-eun stopped beating for no reason, revealing that their second daughter went to heaven 3 days before. Park Si-eun must have been very shocked at the news that she suddenly lost her daughter, whom she had been protecting for 9 months, just three weeks before her birth.

Park Si-eun continued, “I think I cried more when I saw my husband, who was supposed to be comforted, taking care of everything all by himself, writing the message while crying, being worried and shocked when he was not in front of me, and holding in the pain with his mental strength to comfort and take care of me”, adding “Now, I’m also trying to comfort my husband so that we can recover from the pain together”.

Expressing her determination to recover, she shared, “I and my husband decided to not give up. Keeping the hope that Tae-eun would come back to us, I’m going to slowly recover my body and my mind~ I’m trying to laugh a lot and let myself cry as I want to slowly heal the pain little by little.”

Jin Tae-hyun & Park Si-eun is one of the famous married couples in the entertainment industry. The two met each other through SBS’s drama “Pumpkin Flower” and got married in 2015. In 2020, the two made headlines when they adopted a daughter, who was a female college student at that time. Through various broadcasts and activities, the couple has always taken the lead in donating, doing good deeds, and spreading good influence to other people in society.

In particular, they shared, “Sharing the joy with our family members and friends through a baby shower would be great, but how about doing something meaningful with the participation of more people? Thinking of it, we’ve decided to open a ‘One-day Donation Cafe’ on Friday, July 15th! All profits gained from the cafe event will be donated to children with disabilities who are about to undergo surgery in August”. The couple held the special event last month.

However, God did not allow the couple to welcome their baby easily. The two, who had suffered two miscarriages, once again grabbed their painful hearts at their stillborn baby. The birth of the baby, who received so many cheers and blessings, was covered with comfort and tears.

Nevertheless, Park Si-eun said, “It will take me some time. But I will be able to recover as time goes by. I was very thankful for the past 9 months, and I felt so grateful that Tae-eun was with me during that time, and I think she will go to a better place and be happy”, giving off a positive vibe.

She continued, “You all have been a great comfort and strength to me and my husband, and I really wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you. Thank you. I think people who have been watching our stories won’t feel so heartbroken. Please greet us with a smile. I think it will make us stronger”, she said, making the viewers cry.

Earlier, Jin Tae-hyun also said, “We will cherish the miraculous time that came to us and overcome it as always. I can’t stop crying, but I have to stand up for my family, so I’ll cry a little more and stop crying“, he said, adding that he finished the funeral of his daughter Tae-eun well.

On the 26th, a mother who went to the same hospital as Park Si-eun and Jin Tae-hyun said to OSEN, “It was a normal and nice couple, like any other couple, but it’s a pity“, sending her generous support to the couple. 

Source: daum

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