“AI goddess” aespa Karina and the times she “clashes” clothes with other Kpop stars

Does aespa give off the same vibes with other idols when wearing the same outfit?

Ever since debut, aespa Karina has been constantly praised for her gorgeous visuals and remarkable physique that resembles an AI. The female idol is even considered an “AI goddess” for her unique features, and is often listed among the Top Gen 4 visuals. 

Karina is also quick with the trends, and so she can be seen wearing the same items with other Kpop idols from time to time. 

Recently, two top visuals of Kpop gen 4, aespa Karina and IVE Jang Wonyoung, were spotted wearing the same red camisole attached with a huge frilly heart. The two also combined the item with a white crop-top and jeans, making for quite the similar style.

In the past, Karina and another top gen 4 visual, NMIXX Sullyoon, also found themselves wearing the same floral mini dress that exudes a youthful, feminine, and dream vibe. 

At the KBS Song Festival, Karina clashes with Oh My Girl Jiho as both wore a white skirt and a matching white crop-top embellished with a giant bow.  However, while Jiho extended her bow to its full flair, Karina folded her bow back, and combined her top with a matching long sleeve shirt, creating an off-shoulder look. 

Back in December 2020, Karina wore a striped sweater, combined with shorts and over-knee boots. The same sweater was once worn by BLACKPINK Rosé – who turned it into a crop-top and flaunted her tiny waist, and SNSD Yuri – who kept it simple and elegant with long jeans. 

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