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Park Na-rae mentioned on TV the guy she once flirted with, showing an unusual expression on her face

Comedian Park Na-rae recalled painter Kim Choong-jae, who was once her fling.

On the latest episode of MBC’s “Save Me! Holmes” aired on Oct 16th, Park Na-rae visited the property for sale to introduce to her client.

Park Narae

Singer Kim Min-seok and Park Na-rae, who went on a real estate search at the request of a client who was looking for something at a lease price of 300 million won to 400 million won, looked at a property five minutes away from Mangwon Station.

Park Na-rae, who lived in a building right next to the property in the past, was speechless, recalling, “I had a fling relationship with Choong-jae for a while there, upstairs.”

Park Narae

The real estate consisted of three rooms, and the lease price was 490 million won.

In the past, Park Na-rae once had a fling with Kim Choong-jae, an acquaintance of webtoon author Kian84 who appeared on MBC’s entertainment program “I Live Alone.”

Source: wikitree

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