Park Min-young, focus on filming “Love in Contract” amid the pain of breakup

Actress Park Min-young is focusing on filming, leaving behind the pain of breakup.

As of Sep 30th, the day after announcing the breakup with the suspicious wealthy man Kang, Park Min-young was confirmed to be overcoming the pain of breakup by focusing on filming tvN’s drama “Love in Contract“.

Park Min Young

Park Min-young’s side said in an official statement the previous day, “As Park Min-young is currently prioritizing the filming of the Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Love in Contract’, she will try her best not to interfere with the drama broadcast.” Accordingly, she left complicated feelings behind and concentrated on filming after the breakup announcement.

“Love in Contract” premiered on Sep 21st and was gradually gaining word of mouth with viewership ratings of 3~4%. Park Min-young’s embarrassing scandal got her caught up in the issue of faltering.

Park Min-young

In particular, if the filming of a drama that is being broadcast is interrupted, damage to the drama is inevitable. Accordingly, Park Min-young seems to have returned to the filming site as scheduled, leaving behind various eyes with the responsibility of the leading actress, even in a difficult situation.

Meanwhile, Kang was sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison and 3 years of probation on charges of fraud and forgery of private documents and is known to have issued private equity bonds worth 40 billion won against a financial company, of which 10 billion won has not been recovered. Besides, it was pointed out that the process of raising 23 billion won in acquisition funds overnight until Kang became the real owner of three listed companies in 2020 was not smooth.

In addition, it was reported that Park Min-young’s older sister, Park, was listed as an outside director of Inbiogen, a company that Kang actually owns.

Park Min Young

In the end, Park Min-young’s side made an official position after 2 days. They said, “Park Min-young already broke up with the partner in the current dating rumors. The rumor that Park Min-young received many financial offers from him is certainly not true. Park Min-young’s older sister also informed Inbiogen that she would resign as an outside director.”

Source: Nate

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