Park Min-young’s older sister is listed as an outside director of her boyfriend Kang Jong-hyun’s company

It has been confirmed that Park Min-young (37)’s older sister was involved in the business of Kang Jong-hyun (41), who was embroiled in dating rumors with Park Min-young.

According to the register copy of KOSPI’s listed company Inbiogen, Park Min-young‘s older sister, Park (40), was listed as an outside director in April.

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Inbiogen is one of the companies suspected of actually being owned by Chairman Kang Jong-hyun. It was established in 2019 and entered the bio industry the following year.

Kang Ji-yeon, chairman Kang’s younger sister, is the largest shareholder and CEO of the company.

Park Min-young’s older sister, Park, is a researcher at the National University of Singapore who studies infectious diseases.

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At the time of the board of directors, Park Min-young’s older sister, Park, said, “I will make efforts to build a transparent governance structure by being faithful to the work of an outside director.”

Outside directors are directors who do not belong to management and are introduced to be used as devices to check and monitor the company’s decision-making. Letting external personnel not related to major shareholders participate in the board of directors can block major shareholders’ arbitrary management as well as arbitrary decision and execution in advance.

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Earlier, the entertainment media outlet Dispatch reported on Sep 28th that Park Min-young and Chairman Kang Jong-hyun are serious enough to greet both families.”

This media outlet also raised suspicions that Chairman Kang Jong-hyun actually owns Bithumb Korea, Inbiogen, Vidente and Bucket Studios.

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As it has been confirmed that Park Min-young’s older sister was directly involved in Kang’s business, speculation is rising that the two may be close to business partners beyond a simple romantic relationship.

Park Min Young

Park Min-young signed an exclusive contract with Hook Entertainment in December last year. Hook Entertainment is a subsidiary of Won Young-sik, a business partner close to Kang.

Meanwhile, Park Min-young’s agency did not acknowledge or deny dating rumors, saying, “Park Min-young is currently working on filming the drama ‘Love In Contract’, so the fact confirmation is being delayed.”

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