Park Min-young and Go Kyung-pyo’s 19+ kiss scene in the new episode of “Love in Contract” drew explosive reactions from viewers

The recent kiss scene in drama “Love in Contract” is currently a hot topic.

The new episode of “Love in Contract”, which aired on October 26th, showed Choi Sang-eun (Park Min-young) and Jung Ji-ho (Go Kyung-pyo) confirming their affection for each other and sharing a hot kiss.

love in contract

Jung Ji-ho wanted to know more about Choi Sang-eun so he wrote down a list of questions and called her out in the middle of the night.

Taking a while looking for the list in his notebook, Jung Ji Ho said, “No matter how much I think about making a list, there’s only one thing I need to ask. Can we count Day 1 from today? I think that’s the only thing I need to confirm”, giving a straightforward confession.

In response, Choi Sung-eun surprised Jung Ji-ho as she said, “It’s been 13 days already, right?”, revealing that she had been counting the days since their first kiss in the car.

She added, “I’ll answer one question a day”. The two, who had been arguing over the question list, made eye contact with each other while sitting on the sofa. 

love in contract

Afterwards, they hugged each other and continued to share a passionate kiss.

In particular, Jung Ji-ho naturally pulled Choi Sung-eun’s thighs towards him and let her sit on his legs. Go Kyung-pyo and Park Min-young fluttered viewers’ hearts by performing a 19+ kiss scene skillfully like “kissing masters”. 

Netizens gave enthusiastic responses to the hot kiss scene. They commented, “Go Kyung-pyo, his eyes… his physique…Haizz…!!!”, “It was perfect”, “I think this is the most beautiful kiss scene I’ve seen within this year”, “Their chemistry is so good. That’s why they performed such a beautiful kiss”, “Go Kyung-pyo’s hands on her thighs. It was so beautiful, romantic and heart-throbbing”, “Even the way Go Kyung-pyo acted with his hands flutters my heart”, “He was just letting her sit on his thighs but it already made my heart flutter”, “In the scene when Go Kyung-pyo lifted Park Min-young up, I even heard the sound of my heart bouncing”, etc…

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