“An absurd dream has come true”: Park Jin Young shares the news of JYP Entertainment’s market capitalization exceeding 3 trillion won

Singer and producer Park Jin Young shared his thoughts on JYP Entertainment’s market capitalization exceeding 3 trillion won.

On April 15th, Park Jin Young posted an article about his interview on Instagram, saying,When I did this interview in 2014, JYP’s market capitalization was about 140 billion won. Looking back now, I laugh at how absurd my story was.

Park Jinyoung

He expressed his gratitude by saying, “But thanks to my colleagues, artists, fans, and investors, that absurd dream has come true. I can’t predict what will happen to JYP in the future, but I can promise to continue to lead the company and myself with honesty, sincerity, and humility. I really appreciate everyone.

He also revealed his confidence by saying, “You can look forward to it because we showed up to the 6th episode of A2K. A2K is a global girl group debut project based in English, which JYP is pursuing in collaboration with Republic Records, a subsidiary of Universal Music in the United States.

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Recently, the stock prices of entertainment companies have been showing strong growth, and the market capitalization of related companies has also increased rapidly. 

Currently, JYP Entertainment’s market capitalization is 3.173 trillion won. JYP Entertainment’s current artists include TWICE, ITZY, Stray Kids, and NMIXX.

Source: wikitree

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