Park Ji Hyun talks about her favorite “Reborn Rich” character and hobby of playing LOL

Actress Park Ji Hyun, who appeared in JTBC’s drama “Reborn Rich”, revealed her LOL tier, arousing fans’ interest.

On January 23rd, an interview video of Park Ji Hyun was uploaded on the official Youtube channel of Dazed Korea. The video shows Park Ji Hyun talking about various things, from her LOL tier to words that she wanted to say to her fans.

The first question Park Ji Hyun received was “What do you always do to recover from exhaustion?”. The actress replied, “I sleep. I actually sleep a lot. I try to sleep during the breaks on the filming set”.


Choosing Jin Yang Cheol as her favorite character in “Reborn Rich”, Park Ji Hyun explained, “I really admire the love and devotion he pours into Sunyang. There are many things I can learn from the way he lives his life”.

When asked about what she learned during the filming of “Reborn Rich”, she said, “Since I filmed with many seniors, I learned every time I was on the set. I learned and realized so many things that I felt like I was taking a class. I learned new things while watching the seniors act”.


Park Ji Hyun burst into laughter when asked about her hobby, which is playing LOL game. The actress said, “I don’t play LOL these days”. She added, “I’ve recently been into LOL Auto Chess. That’s why I don’t play LOL often. My tier is Silver now. LOL Auto Chess is fun. I was Master in the last season of LOL Auto Chess”, drawing attention.

Source: wikitree

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