Park Gyu Young to appear on “Newsroom”, will she mention “Squid Game 2”?

Actress Park Gyu Young will appear on JTBC's "Newsroom".

According to donga.com, Park Gyu Young will participate in the recording of “Newsroom” on Aug 3rd.

Park Gyu Young, who recently gained popularity through Netflix’s original series “Celebrity” (directed by Kim Cheol Kyu, written by Kim Yi Young), is considered a “trending” actress by joining the lineup of Netflix’s highly-anticipated series “Squid Game Season 2”. From “Sweet Home”, “Celebrity” to “Squid Game 2” (directed and written by Hwang Dong Hyuk), she is definitely “Netflix’s pick”.

Park Gyu young

Park Gyu Young plans to share various stories about her works through “Newsroom”. In addition, Park Gyu Young, who graduated from Yonsei University’s Department of Clothing and Environment, will talk about how she chose to become an actress as well as her plans for future activities.

The recording will take place on Aug 3rd, and the program will be broadcast on Aug 6th.

Meanwhile, aside from “Squid Game Season 2”, Park Gyu Young will star in “Mangnaein” (tentative title), which is known as director Kim Jee Woon’s first drama and Kim Seon Ho’s comeback drama.

Source: Daum

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