Lee Hak Joo to marry non-celebrity girlfriend in November 

Actor Lee Hak Joo will be leaving the rank of bachelors this November. 

According to an article published by OSEN on September 13th, Lee Hak Joo will get married to a non-celebrity girlfriend in November, officially joining the ranks of married men. 

Lee Hak Joo

Lee Hak Joo made his acting debut in 2012, with a role in the movie “Sweet Sorrow”. He then made his name known to the public in the 2015 K-drama “Oh My Ghost”, where he played the younger brother of one female lead. Across his career, Lee Hak Joo has made various notable appearances in series like “Mr. Sunshine”, “Memories of the Alhambra”, “Be Melodramatic”, “The World of the Married”, “Private Life”, “Artificial City”, web series “My Name” and “Political Fever”, and so on.

Lee Hak Joo

The actor has also assumed a fair share of roles on the big screen, with appearances in movies such as “The Negotiation”, “Hit-and-Run Squad”, “Sinkhole”, and most recently, “Decision to Leave”. He’s a familiar face on entertainment shows as well, having drawn attention via “Knowing Bros”, “Problem Child in House”, and “Omniscient Interfering View.”

Lee Hak Joo, who has established himself as an actor, will be opening the second act of his life through marriage this November. Lee Hak Joo’s fiancé is a non-celebrity, so the actor plans to hold a small wedding in consideration for her.

Source: daum

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