Park Eun-seok and Lee Ji-ah reunited on a couple-like sweet date

Park Eun-seok’s sweet selfie with Lee Ji-ah is becoming a hot topic.

On Dec 10th, actor Park Eunseok posted a number of proof photos on his Instagram containing his recent status along with a caption saying, “Thank you so much for the subway ad! Thanks to you guys, we could have such a  Happy Reunion #Camping is a bonus.”

Park Eun-seok love life

The released photo shows Park Eun-seok meeting Lee Ji-ah again and taking a proof shot with a sweet pose. In particular, the two drew attention by leaving for camping and spacing out while looking at the campfire together, creating a lovers-like atmosphere.

Park Eun-seok love life

Meanwhile, Park Eun-seok recently received great love for playing Logan Lee in the SBS’s “Penthouse” series. He also appeared in the web entertainment show “Where are you, Eun-seok!”.

Park Eun-seok love life
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