Park Eun Bin went to an amusement park in Busan but no one recognized her, here’s why 

Park Eun Bin had fun at the amusement park without being recognized.

On December 29th, on the YouTube channel of Park Eun Bin’s agency Namoo Actors, “Would you like to go on a date with Eun Bin at the amusement park?” was uploaded.

In the video, Park Eun Bin appeared with a lot of excitement. She was wearing a baseball cap, hoodie, and mask. She congratulated herself, saying, “I received the Best Actor award yesterday at the ‘Asian Contents Awards’ at the Busan International Film Festival.”

Park Eun-bin

She continued, “After filming ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo,’ I came to Busan because I thought it would be good to film a content,” revealing the reason for her visit to the amusement park.

Despite the rainy weather, Park Eun Bin said, “I’m here, so I’m going in,” boasting a heightened tension.

Park Eun-bin

Upon entering the amusement park, she said, “I like this atmosphere. It feels a little crowded in the amusement park,” adding that she bought a raincoat and wore it, and even picked a cute pin on a hat.

Park Eun Bin said, “I’m a little worried about how my heart will react because it’s been such a long time since I’ve been to an amusement park,” and went straight to the roller coaster. She said that she prefers the back seat to the front seat. “The front seat is less thrilling. I feel like the last one will fall right away.”

Park Eun-bin

On this day, Park Eun Bin was able to enjoy the amusement park leisurely without being chased by the crowd, perhaps because she was all covered up. Even when the wind blew enough to shake the restaurant table, she kept smiling, saying, “It’s nice and windy outside.”

Lastly, she said, “I came to Busan for a schedule, and the next day, I made good memories before going home. My wish to visit Busan Amusement Park came true. I’m going to go home safely to Seoul now.”

Source: Nate

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