Park Eun Bin used to appear in Taeyang’s MV and other Kpop MVs

From her 23 years of career to appearances in Kpop MVs, Park Eun Bin is an actress with a lot of interesting stories 

Extraordinary Attorney Woo” follows the female lead Woo Young Woo (played by Park Eun Bin), a lawyer with a genius brain but lacking social skills due to her autism. It’s a light-hearted yet moving K-drama about Woo Young Woo’s stories in the law world, and her relationship with other colleagues in the field. 

extraordinary attorney woo

Despite being aired on a new and unpopular broadcasting station, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” managed to become a dark horse with sky-high viewership ratings and topicality, and the brilliant acting of lead actress Park Eun Bin is one of the major contributing factors. However, there are many things about this actress that most people haven’t known. 

23 years of working experience at the age of 29

According to Park Eun Bin, she started acting at the age of 6 with a minor role in the 1996 drama “White Nights 3.98”, starring alongside top stars like Choi Min Soo, Lee Byung Hun, and Lee Jung Jae. 

Park Eun Bin debuted as an actress at the age of 6

Following this initial success, Park Eun Bin received numerous offers to play children roles in all sorts of movies and drama, including “Empress Myeongseong” (2001) and “The Great Queen Seondeok” (2009) 

In an interview on the SBS program “My Ugly Duckling”, Park Eun Bin discussed her life as a child actress, saying: “I have to work and study simultaneously, so I barely have any leisure time. I never really go out nor break rules just to have fun. It was quite a challenge for me at the time.”

Later on in an interview with fashion magazine Vogue, she also highlighted that acting was a deep passion for her since she was young, and her parents never forced her to do anything. “That’s why I need to do everything to achieve success,” the actress confessed.

park eun bin
Before “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Park Eun Bin received recognition for playing Crown Prince Lee Hwi in “The King’s Affection”

In 2012, Park Eun Bin landed her first adult leading role in the time-traveling romance “Operation Proposal”, where she acted alongside actor Yoo Seung Ho. 

Ever since, she has been slowly but surely establishing her name via dramas like “Age Of Youth” (2016), “Hot Stove League” (2019), and “Do You Like Brahms?” (2020). She also recently received a nomination to become Baeksang’s Best Actress with her role in the historical drama “The King’s Affection”.

park eun bin taeyang mv
Appeared in MVs of Taeyang (BIG BANG) and Taeyeon (SNSD)

Outside of K-dramas, Park Eun Bin could also be spotted in Kpop MVs of top stars. She started out with an appearance in Baby Vox’s MV “Doll”, which was released in 2001. 

The actress then drew attention after appearing in BIGBANG Taeyang’s MV “I’ll Be There”, playing the male idol’s first love. Later on, she also starred in the music videos for “Like A Star” and “The One” by SNSD member Taeyeon. 

A unique perspective regarding acting 

With over two decades of acting experience, Park Eun Bin approaches her roles in a very unique way. 

The actress explained her process with The Star, saying: “It’s a process of sublimation. I think that passage is acting. Through acting, I experience things that I can’t do as the human Park Eun Bin. That’s why I have more fun and feel free when I act. Acting is my way of communicating. Of course, I lose strength doing it, but through it, I repeat the process of recharging and releasing energy.”

park eun bin awards
Park Eun Bin earned 7 acting awards throughout her career

In another interview, Park Eun Bin also disclosed how she prepared to play Lee Hwi in “The King’s Affection”. “I don’t let my personal values affect the behavior and thoughts of my characters, so I try to separate my role from personal life, so that I can understand and immerse myself in them. This also means that you will only see the character I’m playing, not myself, on the show.”

Throughout her career, Park Eun Bin has earned 7 notable acting awards, including a “Best Actress Awards” at the KBS Drama Awards, and 2 similar ones at the SBS Drama Awards. Despite being nominated for over 20 awards after “The King’s Affection”, Park Eun Bin was up against Kim Tae Ri’s role in “Twenty Five, Twenty One”, and missed out in front of this formidable opponent. 

A familiar face in advertisements and CF films 

park eun bin cf

Alongside acting offers, Park Eun Bin has also starred in various advertisements and CF films. She has worked with the watch brand Tissot, the skin care brand Rataplan Seoul, cosmetics and skin care brand The Face Shop, beverage brand Lotte Chilsung, as well as numerous more. She was also named the ambassador for makeup brand A’Pieu back in 2011. 

Extreme dedication in her portrayals, scared to play the austistic character Woo Young Woo

As Woo Young Woo becomes one of Park Eun Bin’s most iconic roles, the actress admitted that she was once scared to take on such a character. 

“I was careful, and afraid that I would cause a bad image. I keep questioning myself if I can do certain actions, before realizing that instead of focusing on the behavior, I need to know how I feel about the character first. Therefore, I added a little bit of Eun Bin’s sincerity into that of Woo Young Woo”, said Park Eun Bin in the press conference for “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

park eun bin instagram
Park Eun Bin used to be scared to play Woo Young Woo, who has autism

The actress also shared that she also seeks help from other sources, saying: “I meet up with a professor to get his advice about autism, and learn some shared traits among people within the spectrum. I don’t want to just mimic what the media show about austistic people, and through my research, I have learned that there are 4 criteria used to diagnose the austistic spectrum.”

Woo Young Woo is also not Park Eun Bin’s first time going into deep research about a character. For example, to act in the 2020 series “Do You Like Brahms?”, the actress learned to play the violin and study the craft closely, which drew her a lot of praise from the public and critics alike. 

park eun bin
Park Eun Bin studied the violin to star in “Do You Like Brahms?”

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