Park Eun Bin performed BLACKPINK’s “Shutdown” at her fanmeeting, “I felt like I was about to have a concert”

Actress Park Eun Bin met Asian fans through her fanmeeting tour in 6 countries.

On February 17th, a video titled “2022 Park Eun Bin Asia Fanmeeting Tour ‘Eun Bin Note: BINKAN’ Fanmeeting Behind (feat. Bbueng) | Muna Cam” was uploaded on the official Youtube channel of Namoo Actors.

In the released video, Park Eun Bin started doing the rehearsal for her fanmeeting in the Philippines. Park Eun Bin chose Joy’s remake song “Hello” to confess her heart to overseas fans.

Park Eun Bin

Returning to the waiting room after the rehearsal, Park Eun Bin shared, “Although it is difficult to communicate directly with overseas fans, I prepared some expressions I wanted to say in their languages. I’m trying to memorize them. I was very worried yesterday. It was my first overseas fanmeeting and I wasn’t sure if they would come to see me. However, at the fansigning event earlier, I could feel the heat of fans.”

The actress spent a happy time playing games with Filipino fans she met for the first time and sang “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” OST “The Blue Night of Jeju Island”. 

After the fanmeeting in Manila, the Philippines, Park Eun Bin continued to perform her next shows in Bangkok, Thailand. She shared, “I’m nervous today because I prepared something secretly. It’s the dance of BLACKPINK’s ‘Shutdown’”, adding, “I felt like I was about to have a concert”.

Park Eun Bin

The next stop for “BINKAN” was Singapore. After doing the last dance performance, Park Eun Bin shared, “It was my first time dancing so enthusiastically. I couldn’t do it as perfectly as I prepared”.

Park Eun Bin, who later entered the Tokyo fanmeeting venue, was surprised by the scale of the hall. She burst into tears at the event and confessed, “I’m sorry that it took me so long to visit you all. Thank you for always walking with me”.

Her last fanmeeting was held on Christmas Eve in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Wrapping up all the stages, Park Eun Bin shared, “I completed all 6 fanmeetings in 6 countries and they all remain my unforgettable memories. I hope we will cherish these precious moments together for a long time. Thank you. I love you all. See you next time.”

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