“Parents-to-be” Song Joong Ki & Katy enjoy a date in Rome, “Will do our best to become good parents”

Actor Song Joong Ki and his wife, Katy Louise Saunders were seen having a leisurely date in Rome.

Photos of Song Joong Ki and his wife Katy enjoying a date on the street recently spread on overseas online communities. The netizen who took the pictures said, “I happened to see Song Joong Ki in Rome”, adding that the actor looks really young.

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The photos show Song Joong Ki and Katy walking on the street of Rome in comfortable clothes and wearing sunglasses. Song Joong Ki warmly held the hand of his wife, who is in the 9th month of her pregnancy, and walked beside her as if he was escorting her.

Last month, Song Joong Ki made his debut at the Cannes Film Festival with the film “Hopeless”. What drew attention was that Katy accompanied her husband on his first appearance at Cannes after 15 years of acting.

During an interview with the media at that time, Song Joong Ki shared, “The Cannes Film Festival is very important, but I’m more worried about them (the health of Katy and the baby). I must take care of my wife amid my busy promotional schedules for the movie and after everything is done”, showing the image of an affectionate husband.

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In a recent interview with Chinese media, Song Joong Ki expressed his excitement as a father-to-be. Regarding his fluent English skills during the interview, the actor confessed that he often talks with his wife in English. Song Joong Ki shared, “Becoming a father is the most important thing in my life. I have always dreamed of the day I become a father.”

The actor continued, “I really love my father, and I was greatly influenced by him. That’s why I’ve always wanted to become a good father like him since I was young“, adding, “However, sometimes I do worry if I can be a good father and I discuss this topic with my wife every day. We believe that we will do our best, and I believe that we can do it.”

Meanwhile, back in January, Song Joong Ki announced his marriage with Katy Louise Saunders, a former British actress who is one year older than him, and his wife’s pregnancy through his fan cafe.

Source: Nate

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