Overcoming attitude controversy, Song Ji Hyo shines with explosive reactions on “Running Man”

Song Ji Hyo proves herself as a “reaction fairy” in the recent “Running Man” episode

The September 3rd broadcast of SBS’s program “Running Man” revealed the members transforming into detectives. While playing the game in which they had to touch and guess objects in mysterious boxes, Song Ji Hyo couldn’t help but scream and tremble because of the object she touched. 

song ji hyo

As the members tried to scare her with their comments, Song Ji Hyo kept muttering to herself and showing a confused expression. Ji Seok Jin even teased her, “Did she get possessed by the devil?”. After presenting a passionate performance in the game, Song Ji Hyo eventually became the winner.

Later, Song Ji Hyo and Yang Se Chan moved inside a building while holding hands tightly and trying to reassure themselves by repeating, “We are not cowards”. Shortly after, Song Ji Hyo got terrified and almost tripped her foot. She screamed and showed numerous reactions.

song ji hyo

Earlier in June, Song Ji Hyo was harshly criticized for her inactive attitude in activities and passive reactions to the members. Some people even voiced requests for Song Ji Hyo’s withdrawal from “Running Man”. 

In this regard, Song Ji Hyo appeared on the content on the YouTube channel “DdeunDdeun” on September 2nd and expressed her feelings about the controversy. She shared, “I felt so thankful to Jae Suk and Suk Jin oppas during that time. Yoo Jae Suk called me and asked, ‘Did you read the articles?’. I don’t often search for information about myself but I searched my name and read all the articles after his call.”

Yoo Jae Suk said, “I felt so sorry for her. I hurriedly told her to not look at the articles. She answered my phone with a bright tone so I thought she was pretending”, adding “I said, ‘Just work harder from next week’ and ‘Don’t care about the articles too much’”. Song Ji Hyo also thanked Yoo Jae Suk for his great support.

Source: Daum

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