“Our Blues” Han Ji-min confesses her past, “I tried to abandon my disabled sister on the subway 20 years ago…”

“Our Blues” Han Ji-min sobbed as she told her past story with Jung Eun-hye.

The 15th episode of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Our Blues”, which aired on May 28th, showed Park Jung-joon (Kim Woo-bin) trying to be closer to Lee Young-ok (Han Ji-min)’s twin sister Lee Young-hee (Jung Eun-hye), who has Down syndrome.

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In the episode, Lee Young-ok nagged Young-hee because she kept taking pictures. Lee Young-hee didn’t stop and angrily responded, “I need these photos to draw”. As their conflict intensified, Lee Young-hee shouted, “You don’t believe in me? You don’t believe that I’m an artist and I can draw like Mom and Dad”, adding, “You abandoned me on the subway when we were 7, didn’t you?”, referring to their past.

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Lee Young-ok got panicked. She replied, “Stop talking nonsense. When did I ever abandon you?”. Lee Young-hee angrily said “Mom and Dad told you to be nice to me. So why did you abandon me? Why? You brat” then left. 

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Later, Lee Young-ok approached and comforted her sister. Young-hee asked, “You abandoned me, didn’t you?”. Young-ok responded, “Stop talking nonsense. We lived together until we were 22” and then asked Young-hee to show her paintings but Young-hee refused to do so. When Young-hee had already fallen asleep, Young-ok secretly apologized, “I’m sorry about the subway incident.”

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Park Jung-joon, Lee Young-ok and Lee Young-hee went to eat together at a restaurant. However, a child kept staring and teasing Young-hee, causing them to almost have a fight. After returning home, Park Jung-joon suggested that the three of them go on a trip but Young-ok got frustrated, “Do you think you can take care of her forever?”. She then confessed, “Young-hee knows everything, even dogs and cats have emotions. She knows that I even tried to abandon her on the subway more than 20 years ago”, pouring out all her thoughts.

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Park Jung-joon then hugged Young-ok and comforted her.

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