Once a formidable opponent of Song Hye Kyo, this actress halted her career and still looks youthful in her 50s 

This Korean actress once starred in the K-drama with the highest ratings in history 

The 1996 K-drama “First Love” was a phenomenon across Asia with a star-studded cast consisting of Bae Yong Joon, Lee Seung Yeon, Choi Ji Woo, and even Song Hye Kyo. However, there’s another actress who became a star after this series. 

first love
“First Love” launched the career of many famous actors and actresses, including Song Hye Kyo. 

In particular, actress Song Chae Hwan played Chan Ok, a rather naive and trusting person who’s kind-hearted and sincere. In addition, Chan Ok had a stutter which severely lowered her confidence, but still managed to find the love of her life in the handsome singer Chung Nam. 

Thanks to its stable writing and the relatable topics, “First Love” recorded a historical rating of 65.8% in its last episode, making it the K-drama with the highest viewership rating in history. At the time, even JoongAng Ilbo had to exclaim: “The entire nation held their breath for the finale of ‘First Love’.” 

Her role in “First Love” successfully turned Song Chae Hwan into a top actress, even competing with Song Hye Kyo. During the 2000s, the 1968-born actress continued to star in various other projects, such as “More Than Words Can Say”, “Only You”, “A Thousand Affections”, and most recently, “Steal Heart” in 2014. Unfortunately, this was also her last acting project. 

In real life though, Song Chae Hwan has been leading a perfect life by the side of her younger husband, who she dated for 8 years before finally marrying. According to Korean media, the husband is a short film director, who mostly make art films that premiered in foreign film festivals. 

first love
The actress is now living happily with her husband

Now in her 50s, Song Chae Hwan is still gorgeous, and even more lively than during “First Love”. It seems that a happy life and satisfying career has preserved her youthfulness. 

first love
Song Chae Hwan in her 50s 
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