Oh My Girl shares, “We have to face the wall when male idols pass by… There is a 4-year ban on dating in our contract”

Oh My Girl members revealed how their company manages girl groups’ love affairs.

In the 325th episode of JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Bros”, which aired on March 25th, Oh My Girl members, Seung-hee and Mimi, honestly revealed how agencies prevent girl groups from dating these days.

Oh My Girl-Knowing Bros

Seung-hee and Mimi said that not looking at boy groups passing by on music shows is one of the things that girl groups are banned from doing, “We followed the order from the managers. When a boy group idol walked by, we had to face the wall. We immediately turned to look at the wall after hearing ‘Turn around!’”.

Seung-hee added, “We have to go to the bathroom in groups of two”. Upon hearing this, Knowing Bros cast frowned, “That’s so harsh. So childish”.

Oh My Girl-Knowing Bros

It is said that their contracts even have a ban on dating. Mimi confessed, “We were banned from dating for 4 years since our debut”. Seung-hee also said, “We are now in our 8th year”. When asked by Knowing Bros cast members if they had ever dated secretly, Mimi answered, “I don’t even date secretly”. Seung-hee suddenly said, “But we did flirting”.

Regarding the ban on dating, Kim Hee-chul said, “Our company didn’t have that thing”.

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