Not “Pachinko”, Lee Min Ho’s first steamy love scene is in this K-drama co-starring Son Ye Jin  

“Pachinko” is not Lee Min Ho’s first time filming sex scenes. 

Apple TV’s original series “Pachinko” has only released 3 episodes so far, but it has already been heating up with intense sex scenes by the two leads Lee Min Ho and Kim Min Ha. The scenes where Hansu and Sunja make love are tastefully done without being erotic or skin-revealing. 

Many viewers may have thought “Pachinko” is Lee Min Ho’s first time in his career appearing in such daringly intimate scenes with a female co-star. However, this is actually not true. 12 years ago, when he had been in the entertainment industry for not long, Lee Min Ho became an onscreen couple with famous senior Son Ye Jin in the 2010 drama “Personal Taste” and filmed a bed scene with her. It was not an explicit sex scene, but the level of boldness and hotness is comparable with Lee Min Ho’s recent scenes in “Pachinko”. The only difference is the location, as “Personal Taste” steamy scene is in bed, not outdoors. 

Personal Taste” is a romantic comedy about Jeon Jin Ho (Lee Min Ho), a young, handsome and talented architect. He wants to move into a house named Sang Gu Je, an architectural tribute to old Korea, to learn about architecture and get ideas for the design of the Art Museum project. The owner of the house is Park Gae In (Son Ye Jin). a quirky and clumsy interior designer. Her father, a famous architect, created the house. To get inside this house, Jin Ho pretends to be gay and convinces Gae In who is lovesick and wants a gay friend.

Personal Taste
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