Shin Min-ah, who returned to small screen alongside her lover Kim Woo-bin, received positive reviews

Actress Shin Min-ah’s delicate emotional control gave viewers a deep resonance.

In tvN’s drama “Our Blues” which aired last week, Shin Min-ah made viewers both cry and laugh by immersively portraying from the hardship of losing custody of Seon-ah’s son, who is everything in her life, to the appearance of Seon-ah, who wants to be happy.

Shin Min Ah

Seon-ah visited Jeju before the custody trial and was repairing the house to live with her son Yeol (Kim Ha-eon). There, Seon-ah solved past misunderstandings with Dong-seok (Lee Byung-hun) and set out little by little to cheer up again. Seon-ah and Dong-seok, who were each other’s comfort and reliance as they harbored wounds from their families when they were young, created a wall in their relationship due to various misunderstandings. Finally, thanks to Seon-ah’s courage, they solved unpleasant feelings in their hearts. Afterwards, Seon-ah looked at the sea for a while with Dong-seok and shouted, “Give me my son!” This scene where Seon-ah, who had been living with pain and sorrow, let her feelings out for the first time made viewers get choked up.

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Meanwhile, as the trial day approached, Seon-ah grew impatient and sensitive as her son was everything in her life. Perhaps that’s why she seemed more eager to repair the house. When he realized that Seonah’s son liked horses, Dong-seok, who was helping with the repair, suggested going horseback riding. Seon-ah eventually went to the ranch at Dong-seok‘s continued recommendation, but she became anxious and sensitive for fear of missing the boat to Seoul. However, seeing Dong-seok riding a horse brightly, Seon-ah felt at ease. In fact, Seon-ah also needed some time to refresh her complicated mind.

shinminah ourblues

Soon after arriving in Seoul, Seon-ah bought toys to give as a gift before meeting her son. After dressing up, Seon-ah, who told Dong-seok “I like Yeol more than any other lover”, was excited yet nervous. Seon-ah and her son finally met. The appearance of the two hugging each other, smiling brightly and liking each other very much made viewers smile. They felt Seon-ah’s affection towards her son at the same time.

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The time to say goodbye to her son came. Ex-husband Tae-hoon (Jung Sung-il) and Seon-ah, who still felt difficult and sad to part with her son, faced each other. With an anxious expression on her face, she asked if it would be okay if she slept with her son tonight and took him home tomorrow. When her son woke up and called for his mother, Seon-ah grabbed her son’s arm and said, Yeol, come to me.” Tae-hoon put his sick son in the car then got angry with Seon-ah. Seon-ah was anxious that her son might have been hurt because of her, so she knocked on the car door and cried out pitifully, “Open the door, let’s go to the hospital together.”

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It was even more regrettable because everyone knew how much Seon-ah had dreamed of a happy future with her son as she lost the custody trial and sobbed painfully, angry and upset at herself. In response, Dong-seok tried to relieve Seon-ah’s feelings, but she eventually got angry. Seon-ah said in a furious voice “Don’t talk like my ex-husband. Don’t talk like my mom! I’m doing this because I don’t know how long I have to be sad or when I can get out of it” and burst into tears, doubling her pity.

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After crying for a while, Seon-ah calmed down a little and the two headed to the Han River. Seon-ah, who calmly explained how she felt about depression to Dong-seok, soon made up her mind to treat it. She said, “I want to be happy. Really.” Dong-seok sincerely sympathized with Seon-ah and the two walked forward holding hands tightly. The appearance of the two hinted that it was the first step Seon-ah took to become truly happy.


In this episode, Shin Min-ah expressed various emotions in a way that viewers can follow her emotional line, which swirled like a roller coaster. Not only did she go back and forth between calmness and sensitivity, but also the appearances of loving her son and exploding in her own depression. She attracted viewers from beginning to end by brilliantly portraying emotions in various areas.

shinminah ourblues

In particular, Shin Min-ah, who naturally permeated the rather difficult, three-dimensional and complex character Seon-ah, grasped the situation and characteristics of her character in detail. Through her delicate eyes, detailed facial expressions and actions, all of Seon-ah‘s appearances were digested in her own acting style, proving her wide acting spectrum and arousing sympathy. As a result, people are raising expectations for other appearances that Shin Min-ah will show in the future, as well as curiosity about Seon-ah’s remaining story.


“Our Blues” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 PM.

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