Not Kim Jong-kook nor Go Eun-ah, but “this person” is the No.1 star who became rich by living a frugal life

The list of stars who became rich by being frugal has been released, drawing attention.

KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly”, which aired on June 2nd, revealed TOP 7 stars who became rich thanks to their frugal lifestyle.

Comedian Han Moo ranked 7th, actress Go Eun-ah ranked 6th, Kim Eung-soo ranked 5th and Kim Jong-kook, known as the representative “frugal guy” in the entertainment industry, ranked 4th. 

kim jong kook

Kim Jong-kook once shocked everyone with his remark on a broadcast in the past. He said, “My family used to use only one side of the toilet paper even for feces. We also dry the wet tissues and reuse them.” With his frugal lifestyle, Kim Jong-kook is steadily saving money and doing things he wants to do, such as giving his parents an apartment as a gift and donating. 

kim jong kook

The ranking continued with Hyun-young being named in 3rd place, Jang Woo-hyuk in 2nd place, and Jeon Won-joo in 1st place. Appearing on KBS’s “A.M Plaza”, Jeon Won-joo said, “I was disappointed a lot when I first entered the entertainment industry because I didn’t know much about this world. ‘I should save money to prepare for my retirement from this moment’, I’ve been keeping that thought since I was in my 20s.”

entertainment weekly

Jeon Won-joo amazed people with her extraordinary saving methods, such as not throwing away cosmetics samples and using household items for more than 50 years. Her frugal lifestyle has been recognized by the whole nation. 

entertainment weekly

With the money she has saved, Jeon Won-joo is known to have been on the list of VIP consumers of a bank with an unimaginable asset of 3 billion won in stock shares and 1 billion won worth of gold.

entertainment weekly

Appearing as a guest on MBC’s “Radio Star”, Jeon Won-joo surprised everyone as she shared, “After contacting me to inform the expiry of my deposit, a car will come in front of my house to take me to the bank. People often get the number and then wait for their turn but I’ve never gotten one. The branch manager directly drives me to the bank. There is a separate room for me (at the bank), and when I enter, all the employees will stand up and greet me.”

entertainment weekly

Source: wikitree

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