NMIXX under fire for poor stage outfits on “Love Me Like This” Inkigayo stage

Girl group NMIXX’s unattractive outfits on stage are gaining attention from fans, who urge JYP to change the stylist.

On April 16th, NMIXX promoted their new song “Love Me Like This” on SBS’s “Inkigayo.” The stage performance was met with various criticisms. 


On the Korean community Theqoo, a post that discussed NMIXX’s stage outfits received 72,000 views and hundreds of comments, most of which criticized the stylist and make-up artist of the group. The shared theme among the comments were that NMIXX’s stage outfits were not carefully prepared, and were too simplistic. 


On the stage, Kyujin was wearing a white crop top with the logo of the brand on one side, along with a pair of wide pants. At the same time, Lily was wearing a green zippered crop top with cream colored corduroy pants. Haewon’s outfit was at the center of the backlash. Overall, netizens expressed their displeasure with the lack of coherence in color and style with NMIXX’s stage outfits. 

 NMIXX’s stage outfits received surges of criticism 

As a result, dissatisfied netizens left comments such as, “I hope JYP changes NMIXX’s stylist,” “The style was really not good,” and “I think school uniform will do the job better.” 

This is not the first time fans urge the company to change the stylist of the group. They have witnessed a decreasing quality since NMIXX’s “Dice” promotion. The same goes to the girl group’s hairstyle. 

Source: theqoo

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