NMIXX fans criticize a male fansite master for making Sullyoon cry at a fansigning event

NMIXX Sullyoon shed tears at a fansigning event after meeting a foreign fansite master.

Fans who attended the face-to-face fansigning event of the girl group NMIXX on April 21st posted on Twitter NMIXX Sullyoon shed tears at a fansigning event after meeting a foreign fansite master.g “Sullyoon cried due to the complaint of a foreign fansite master”, criticizing the fansite master (someone who follows idols’ schedules and takes photos).


Revealing a video showing Sullyoon crying in front of a female fan after having a talk with a male fansite master, one fan said, “Everyone was talking about good things, but that fansite master said something bad. Why did you make Sullyoon explain herself, hold back her tears, and eventually cry in front of the next person?”. 

Surprised by Sullyoon’s sudden tears, the female fan comforted Sullyoon by singing a song. It is known that the male fansite master complained to Sullyoon, asking “Why don’t you look at my camera?”.


After receiving harsh criticism from Korean fans, the male fansite master released an apology via Twitter on the morning of the 24th, saying “First, I apologize to Sullyoon. I participated in many schedules of this comeback promotion because I wanted to take beautiful pictures of Sullyoon. So on the 21st, I told Sullyoon that I was so tired because I couldn’t take proper photos of her. Sullyoon apologized to me, saying ‘I couldn’t see your camera because there were so many fans’. Later, I realized that I was wrong. Since I’m a foreigner, I was not good at expressing my opinion while communicating. I apologized to her at the online fansigning event on the 22nd. I’ll never do that again”.

Despite that, NMIXX fans still criticized the fansite master, saying “Why did you abuse your power?”, “Should Sullyoon look at your camera only?”, etc., and he replied, “I’m a foreigner, don’t bully me. I’m also a fan who supports Sullyoon”.


However, fans and netizens continued to rage. They commented, “Idol is such an extreme job”, “I feel bad for Sullyoon”, “You told people to not bully you because you’re a foreigner, but didn’t you bother Sullyoon and make her upset?”, etc.

Meanwhile, Sullyoon’s group NMIXX made their comeback with the first mini album “expergo” on the 20th of last month.

The title song “Love Me Like This” recorded 40 million views within three days after its music video release and ranked No.4 on Melon Chart TOP 100. Apart from recording a first-week sales record of more than 630,000 copies, the girl group also won 1st place at “Show Champion” in the second week of their comeback promotion.

Source: Wikitree

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