NME Called Lisa’s ROCKSTAR a “Bombastic Single”

The music website NME has shared its opinions on Lisa's (BLACKPINK) product "ROCKSTAR"

After about 4 months since announcing the establishment of her own company, Lisa (BLACKPINK) has officially released her solo comeback MV titled “ROCKSTAR”. As the first musical product of 2024 and also the first BLACKPINK member to launch a personal project, “ROCKSTAR” quickly attracted global fan attention. However, after the MV premiered, Lisa’s comeback received mixed reactions, including disappointment.

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Although the music featured producer Ryan Tedder, who has created hits for Adele and Beyoncé, resulting in a trendy, up-to-date track, the content was criticized as meaningless, if not outright empty. The message Lisa wanted to convey sparked much debate on social media platforms. Many comments suggested that “ROCKSTAR” resembled “Money” or “LALISA” but as a “flawed” version, failing to create the same impact as YG’s previous works.

Amid the numerous controversies and criticisms surrounding “ROCKSTAR”, the leading UK music website NME published an objective review of Lisa’s comeback. In their article, NME rated “ROCKSTAR” 3 out of 5 stars and stated that Lisa affirmed her “Rockstar” status in a grandiose single. They further asserted that Lisa, a Kpop star, is moving in the right direction with her first solo music release since 2021.

MV Rockstar by Lisa: A Showy Product – Photo 3.

Opening their review, NME described “ROCKSTAR” as a flashy product, a self-flex that is not too different from her solo debut song “LALISA” released three years ago. However, this time it is upgraded beyond any of her previous solo works: “ROCKSTAR by Lisa is where she boasts about her ability to make your favorite singer want to rap. This braggadocious song isn’t much different from her work three years ago, but this time she’s infused it with her unique charm, upgrading it beyond any of her past solo works to date.”

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Regarding the controversial lyrics, NME provided a relatively objective evaluation: “On ‘Rockstar’, Lisa has wholly internalised and embraced her superstar status. The song’s braggadocious lyrics can be delightfully camp at moments, especially the hook “‘Lisa, can you teach me Japanese?’ I said, ‘Hai, hai’”, which she raps throughout the song. There’s just something charmingly tongue-in-cheek about that line coming from a K-pop star from Thailand who does speak some Japanese – and also comes off as a jab at those who think Asia is a racial monolith.”

However, not all lines in “ROCKSTAR” are as effective. References to gold teeth, luxury brands, and diamonds, along with the repetitive, tedious hook, only fit Lisa’s allure and delivery style. To keep up with trends, the song is just 2 minutes and 44 seconds long – an example of the TikTokification of music, preventing Lisa from delving deeper into the lyrics.

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In conclusion, NME stated that while “But it’s not difficult to look beyond these failings when the package ‘Rockstar’ is presented in is so good. The intriguing Ryan Tedder co-produced instrumental, which samples Tame Impala’s sublime ‘New Person, Same Old Mistakes’, demands attention from the off. Pair that with the larger-than-life music video – which Lisa shut down one of the busiest streets in Bangkok to film – and everything about the song starts to click.”

The production of “ROCKSTAR” is a step in the right musical direction for the BLACKPINK star, demonstrating her stage-commanding abilities. Although the melody doesn’t reach the heights of DJ Snake’s “SG” or her standout verse in “Shoong!” with TAEYANG (BIGBANG), “ROCKSTAR” has fulfilled its purpose, exciting everyone for Lisa’s next moves.

Considering NME’s evaluations, it’s evident that while “ROCKSTAR” remains controversial, Lisa and her team have delivered a novel product aiming to assert her pop star status, showcasing her artistic side. However, to resonate with the broader public, Lisa needs to exhibit more personal imprints and create a unique identity rather than sticking to an image that no longer surprises the audience who have seen it for the past three years.

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