“Anyone can be the center”… NewJeans releases a practice video of the members dancing with their straight hair

The dance skills of HYBE’s new girl group “NewJeans”, who are formed by Min Hee Jin, are drawing attention.

On July 22nd, a dance practice video of the rookie girl group NewJeans was published on their official Instagram. In the video, all 5 members of the group, who are under HYBE Labels, could be seen dancing explosively, showing their talents. 


Despite being dressed in comfortable clothes, the group looked stylish as they delivered dancing movements as sharp as knives. In addition, they all shared a common feature: long and straight hair. 

The members utilized their hair well, sending it flying with every movement and changing their vibes from girlish to sexy while practicing. Out of the 5 members, all show outstanding dancing skills, to the point that anyone can be the group’s center.


“NewJeans” is the first girl group to debut under CEO Min Hee Jin’s company “ADOR”, which is a subsidiary of HYBE Labels. Their first music video “Attention” was released at midnight (KST) in July 2022, through their official website and YouTube. 

The free and lively teengirl spirit shown in the “Attention MV” could also be seen in NewJeans’ practice videos. 


Source: dispatch

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