NewJeans’ maknae Hyein: Talented and gorgeous with an outstanding net worth

Despite her young age, Hyein – the youngest member of rookie girl group NewJeans, has been drawing a lot of attention 

HYBE Labels’ new girl group NewJeans has been the talk of town ever since their debut.  With a 5-member lineup, all of NewJeans boast their own unique charm, and the youngest member, Hyein, also draws a fair share of attention. 

Hyein, whose real name is Lee Hyein, was born on April 21, 2008, and is the youngest member of NewJeans. Right after being introduced, she caught eyes with her unique “cat-like” visuals, and has since been praised for her confidence and presence on stage. 

Little do people know that before NewJeans, Hyein actually debuted with the stage name U.Jeong, and was a part of the children group USSO.GIRL. In 2017, she left the group and started to promote individually as Grace Lee. She then appeared as a cast member of the web-program “Pocket TV”, which aired on the YouTube channel BoniHani . It was thanks to these experiences that Hyein exudes the strong confidence she has today. 

As a result of her constant activities in her childhood, Hyein is said to have a remarkable net worth. According to estimations by Korean media, the youngest member of NewJeans is owning a whopping 1.5 million USD. 

In addition to her career as a child, Hyein is also said to be from a wealthy and powerful family, with her father running a business in Incheon, and her mother being in charge of managing Hyein’s activities and other media responsibilities. 

Debuted at the age of 14, Hyein has made quite a deep impression with her visuals, her talent and passion on stage, as well as her overflowing stage presence. 

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