NewJeans Danielle shows signs of balding at age 18 due to ADOR’s poor hair-styling?

The recent hair loss condition of Danielle, a member of girl group NewJeans, has aroused concerns among fans. 

Recently, many fans on various SNS platforms have expressed concerns regarding NewJeans Danielle’s hair loss condition. In particular, several people pointed out that the female idol, who was born in 2005, has shown signs of balding on the top of her head at the recent Seoul Fashion Week. 

Newjeans Danielle

This alleged “balding sign” has since gained great attention across the net, and various fans of NewJeans can’t help but be worried. 

In addition, fans have pointed out that Danielle’s hair loss might have been caused by ADOR’s poor styling. In particular, from her pre-debut and ast images, it can be seen Danielle boasts a natural curly/wavy hair texture, only for her hair to be constantly straightened during NewJeans promotions. If curly/wavy hair is unnaturally straightened in great frequency, it will be greatly damaged, causing hair loss, they said. 

Therefore, fans are demanding ADOR to take proper care of Danielle’s hair and let her hair stay natural to prevent further balding. 

Danielle at the 2023 Seoul Fashion Week 
A close look at her hair reveals signs of balding despite Danielle’s young age
Regular hair straightening is believed to be the cause of her hair loss
Danielle has naturally curl/wavy hair, but she often had to straighten it to fit in with NewJeans’ concept

On the other hand, NewJeans Danielle is a South Korean-Australian singer, who was born in 2005. Her “mixed” visuals, which beautifully combines traits of her two heritages, earn a lot of praise from netizens. In fact, the female idol is often compared to female protagonists in Western’s “high-teen” movies. 

Aside from being a member of NewJeans, Danielle is also making a name for herself in the fashion world. She has been announced as the ambassador for Burberry and YSL Beauty, and recently appeared on the cover of Vogue Korea’s digital version.

Danielle on the cover of Vogue Korea

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