NewJeans’ agency sued a large number of “malicious commenters”…Members of female communities “They only sue women”

NewJeans’ agency ADOR eventually “drew their sword” against netizens’ malicious comments towards their artist.

It was revealed that NewJeans‘ agency ADOR sued members of female communities who poured out malicious comments regarding NewJeans’ debut song “Cookie”.

At the same time, opinions such as “They only sue women”, “Are female fans easy to handle?” are being raised on some female communities.

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On Jan 31st, a post related to NewJeans was uploaded on the online community “theqoo”. The original poster (OP) uploaded a post titled “I received a notice from the police station. Min Hee Jin filed a massive complaint against theqoo’s comments”.

OP said, “This is the first time I’ve been asked to appear (at the police station). I didn’t use profanity and immediately deleted my comments, but they said a complaint was filed.”


OP asked, “Have you ever been contacted for leaving comments on HYBE’s Min Hee Jin?”

Netizens speculated, “It seems that it’s because of NewJeans’ sensationalism controversy.” At the same time, posts such as “I was also contacted” and “I’ll go to the police station tomorrow” were also uploaded.

NewJeans appeared in the music industry with the release of their first album “NewJeans” on Aug 1st last year. They swept the music industry with title songs “Attention”, “Hype Boy” and “Cookie”.

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However, there was an opinion that “Cookie”, one of the title songs, was “provocative”. Some netizens pointed out the lyrics and raised the “Lolita” controversy.

Along with NewJeans, comments also criticized their agency ADOR and ADOR’s CEO Min Hee Jin.

Accordingly, on Jan 28th, ADOR declared legal action, appealing for damage to malicious comments targeting NewJeans. 

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The agency said, “In the second half of this year, we started legal action against the writers of malicious posts, including defamation, insults, sexual harassment, false facts and malicious slander against NewJeans.”

Then, there were voices refuting ADOR’s position on some female communities. They responded, “Did only women talk about NewJeans’ Cookie lyrics sensationalism controversy?”, “I guess men shut their mouths”, “Aren’t female fans fans?”

Meanwhile, the post on theqoo has now been deleted.

Source: insight

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