New drama “Now Is Beautiful”, which will be aired after “Young Lady and Gentleman” ends, surprised the audiences with its spectacular casting lineup

“Now Is Beautiful” released family photos to confirm the cast of legendary actors, such as Park In-hwan, Park Sang-won, Kim Hye-ok, Ban Hyo-jung, Byun Woo-min, and Park Ji-young.

Young Lady and Gentleman

KBS 2TV’s new weekend TV series “Now Is Beautiful” depicts the reality of the current generation that avoids dating and marriage and tells about the marriage projects of three brothers in the Lee family to take over the apartment offered by adults in the family. This is the first KBS weekend drama written by Ha Myeong-hee, who received the Presidential Citation at the 2021 Korea Content Awards for the drama “Record of Youth” and is attracting keen attention in the broadcasting industry.

In addition, PD Kim Seong-geun of “The Great King Sejong”, Everybody Cha Cha Cha” is in charge of directing this drama, raising expectations for the birth of a work that the viewers can trust and watch. At the end of last year, Yoon Si-yoon, Bae Da-bin, Oh Min-seok, Shin Dong-mi, Seo Beom-jun, and Choi Ye-bin were confirmed as main cast members, making this a highly anticipated work. Moreover, a large number of veteran actors who have strongly supported K-Dramas will also be cast to complete a splendid lineup and fill the home theaters with excitement every weekend.

Young Lady and Gentleman

First of all, “The Nation’s Father” Park In-hwan will play the role of Lee Gyeong-cheol, the mental pillar of the Lee family and the grandfather of three brothers. At the moment he was frustrated after losing his wife and his only daughter, Gyeong-cheol met Minho like fate and adopted him. After living diligently in the vegetable and fruit business, he is enjoying a great retirement with the son whom he has raised with all his heart, a sincere daughter-in-law, and three grandchildren whom he is really proud of. 

The role of Lee Min-ho, Gyeong-cheol’s son and the father of the three brothers, will be played by the handsome actor Park Sang-won, who is famous for his gentleman image. Although he and his rich father became a family through adoption, the two developed a deep bond with each other. Following his father, who has lived diligently throughout his life, Min-ho has worked hard to become a middle school’s vice-principal. Actress Kim Hye-ok, who has played various “mother” roles, will appear in this drama as Han Kyung-ae, Min-ho’s wife and the mother of the three brothers. Kyung-ae, who is really careful about what she speaks and acts, has only one concern. She doesn’t need her sons to live difficult lives to become a doctor or a lawyer, but she just hopes her grown-up sons get married and have lots of children.

Young Lady and Gentleman

Marriage is the only headache for Lee family’s grown-ups, who have a happy family and live well without any regrets. Except for the youngest Soo-jae (Seo Beom-jun), who is still preparing for the civil service exam, the lawyer Hyun-jae (Yoon Shi-yoon) and dentist Yun-jae (Oh Min-suk) are not thinking of getting married. Adults in the family declare that they will give the apartment they have saved up to the person who marries within 6 months, which fuels the competitive spirit of the three brothers who do not want to lose even if they die.

Along with Lee family, the main family in “Now Is Beautiful” is Mi-rae (Bae Da-bin)’s Hyun family. Hyun family’s biggest adult “Yoon Jung-ja” will be played by Ban Hyo-jung. Jung-ja, who has a strong vitality and magnanimous personality, made money by selling food, and everything she touched hit the jackpot. Due to her complex of only being able to attend elementary school, she considers her daughter-in-law, who grew up in a family of teachers and graduated from a prestigious university, someone to be proud of.

Young Lady and Gentleman

Byun Woo-min and Park Ji-young will respectively play the roles of the future father “Hyun Jin-heon” and mother “Jin Su-jeong“. Jin-heon, who has successfully led the kimbap franchise, always prioritizes his wife over his children. He is the happiest person in the world whenever he sees his wife enjoy the food he cooked. Su-jeong, the beloved wife, gave birth to her son and daughter evenly, and has always been living a smooth life. A concern arises for such people, that their eldest daughter Mi-rae got married fraudulently. Her relationship with Lee family begins when she asks Hyun-jae to help her file a lawsuit for an annulment of marriage.

In addition, Sunwoo Yong-nyeo, Jung Heung-chae and Kim Ye-ryeong will respectively take on the roles of “Lee Kyung-soon” (Lee Kyeong-cheol‘s sister), “Choi Man-ri” (Lee Kyung-soon‘s son) and “Yoo Hye-yeong” (Choi Man-ri‘s wife). The production team said, “‘Now is Beautiful’ features large families that are not common these days. Three generations of Hyun-jae’s family and Mi-rae’s family live together. If the competition between the three brothers for the marriage project to win an apartment in an era of avoiding dating and marriage provides fun, each story of these large families will once again make you think about the meaning of ‘family’.”

Young Lady and Gentleman

Now Is Beautiful” is scheduled to air in April following “Young Lady and Gentleman“.

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