BTS Jungkook, the Golden Maknae recognized by the world

Jungkook, a member of the global group BTS, was selected as the cutie representing the youngest members among K-pop idols. 

Jungkook overwhelmingly topped the weekly choice vote of Daily Sports and Mubeat about “Who is the cutest maknae member?”

This week’s vote was a mission to find the cutest idol among various idol for K-pop fans around the world for a week from Feb 17th to Feb 23rd. It was not an easy choice for fans to vote for only one “cutie” youngest out of 10 candidates.


Jungkook of BTS was the cutest maknae chosen by fans. Jungkook won 289,554 out of a total of 634,764 votes, ranking first as the cutest youngest.

He is the youngest in the group, but his skills and presence are inferior to none of his older members, so he is called the “maknae on top.” He is also an ideal model for K-pop idols with skillful vocal, rap, dance, composition ability, perfect physique and visuals.

stray kids

Stray Kids‘ I.N is also another cute idol who made all sister fan’s heart flutter. I.N took second place with 157,184 votes. I.N and other Stray Kids members are growing rapidly as a representative group of the 4th generation, ranking high in many themes of various Weekly Choice.

When analyzing the status of participation by continent and country, participation rate was the highest in Asia, followed by South America, North and Central America, Europe, Africa, and Oceania. The largest number of votes occurred in Asia, where K-pop is already familiar. Vietnam was the country with the highest voting participation in the region, accounting for 24% of Asia and 13% of all countries.

Weekly Choice

South America’s K-pop fandom was also excited by the Weekly Choice. 23% percent of the votes came from here, especially from Peru’s fans. There was also a movement showing more than 20,000 votes were sent from Peru, Argentina, and Chile.

On the other hand, the Weekly Choice vote was particularly low among American fans. Among the countries in North and Central America, Mexican fans participated in the vote the most.

jungkook bts

Meanwhile, the new Weekly Choice is to pick out “The idol member who’s perfect in variety shows?” You can participate in the global K-pop platform “Mubeat” app from 5 p.m. on Feb 24th (Korea Standard Time) to 3 p.m. on March 2nd.

Celebrities who topped the Weekly Choice of “Daily Sports X Mubeat” will be given paper advertisements on Daily Sports and their music video as in-app pop-up advertisements.

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