Netizens suspect this BLACKPINK member will not renew her contract with YG 

Rumors and speculations surrounding BLACKPINK’s contract renewal with YG is a hot topic on social media. 

Although there is still about half a year left until the contract between YG and BLACKPINK expires, industry experts, the media, and fans are showing high interest in whether or not all BLACKPINK members will renew their contracts. Some netizens even suspect Rosé of being the first member to not extend her contract with YG. 

Rose Blackpink paris fashion week
Rosé is suspected to be the first member who won’t re-sign with YG

Specifically, netizens discovered that the CEO of Capitol Record is following Rosé on Instagram. Rosé is also the BLACKPINK member he follows, making netizens wonder if there is a connection between them.

Capitol Record Rose
CEO of Capitol Record follows Rosé on Instagram

Capitol Record is famous as the management company of the legendary boy band The Beatles. Therefore, netizens think that if Rosé joins this company, she will be free to do solo activities instead of having many limitations like in YG.

However, the CEO of Capitol Record also follows IVE, so many netizens think him following Rosé doesn’t mean anything.

Capitol Record IVE
Not only Rosé, CEO of Capitol Record also follows IVE’s Instagram account

Previously, Korean media outlet Munhwa Ilbo reported on the process of BLACKPINK’s contract renewal with YG and said that it is not going smoothly. In particular, Lisa was also revealed by industry insiders that she was guaranteed 100 billion won to leave YG.

Blackpink thumbnail
Korean media said that YG is having difficulty re-signing with BLACKPINK

Source: k14. 

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