Netizens show negative reactions to the news of ‘W: Two Worlds’ getting a Chinese remake 

Tencent’s remake of ‘W: Two Worlds’ (Lee Jong Suk, Han Hyo Joo) will be filmed in only 15 days? 

After the success of MBC’s drama W: Two Worlds starring Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo, many producers from other countries such as Thailand, Hollywood and most recently China, have decided to work on a remake. However, most of the time, these remakes cannot live up to the original version in every aspect. 

W Two Worlds Chinese remake
W – Two Worlds continues to get another remake?

Bloggers on Weibo have just reported on Tencent’s new project which is a remake of the hit K-drama W: Two Worlds. It is even rumored that the producer is only expected to film this within 15 days.

Immediately, fans of the original got mad because they refused to understand what could possibly be done within 15 days. W: Two Worlds is a fantasy drama that requires high-quality visual effects and techniques both during filming and post-production. Even if Tencent plans to turn it into a short film, netizens say there’s no way Chinese producers can’t get it done in only half a month. 

W Two Worlds Chinese remake
The original is so excellent that it’s hard for the remake to live up to 

Moreover, the female lead of the Chinese version of W rumored to be played by Zhao Lusi has also drawn negative reactions from netizens. Many comments say Zhao Lusi’s cute, bubbly image and acting style is not a good match for Han Hyo Joo’s character in W. Moreover, the setting of W is similar to some other Chinese series Zhao Lusi has starred in before, so viewers are against her being cast in this part. 

W Two Worlds Chinese remake
W Two Worlds Chinese remake
Is Zhao Lusi a good fit? 

Some netizens’ comments:

  • W has a total of 16 60-minute episodes, yet you’re telling me they’re planning to shoot it for 15 days? Are they turning this remake into a comedy?
  • W was filmed for 6-7 months and has 16 episodes yet many parts in the drama are still confusing to the viewers. Tencent cannot pull off this kind of fantasy romance.
  • It’s not gonna be as good as the Korean version anyway, don’t mind trying.
  • Every remake ruins the original version
  • Zhao Lusi is such a boring choice for the female lead 
  • Zhao Lusi does not suit the role at all 

Source: Weibo

W: Two Worlds Chinese remake is expected to start filming in Beijing in March 2022.

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